Resources for covering the election and its aftermath

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Additional Reports, Guides, & Op-Eds Related to News Coverage of the 2020 Election 

Election SOS’s Election Scenario Planning Guide – This document focuses on protecting: staff from harm, the voting process, and the results of the election.

Who Formally Declares the Winner of the US Presidential Election? – Good, straightforward explanation of how the US presidential election works.

Stanford-MIT Healthy Elections Project – A set of resources related to election integrity, safety and access.

The Electoral Integrity Project – A Harvard-based project seeking to describe when elections meet integrity standards and offering thoughts on what happens when elections fail to meet those standards.

The Election Integrity Project – The Center for Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers advice on covering mis-and disinformation related to elections. 

Elections During the Covid-19 Pandemic – A special issue of Election Law Journal that provides relevant research on pandemic voting and election administration.

The Big National News Providers Need Threat Modeling Teams – A PressThink explanation of threat modeling and an argument that newsrooms should include teams dedicated to this like they have teams of pollsters.

How Should Journalists Respond to Trump’s Refusal to Commit to a Peaceful Transfer of Power? – Nieman Lab op-Ed on a potential refusal to concede an election with a clear result.

The Election Could be Contested: Here’s What Experts Think We Should Know – A Nieman Lab report offering advice to newsrooms about a contested election.

Choose Democracy– Resources on a contested election from the activist Sunrise Movement.

How Fox News Could Influence Election Day 2020 – One of the few pieces to clearly grapple with the role of ruling party media; published by The Atlantic.

Terrorism, Civil War, and Insurgency – From the Oxford Handbook of Terrorism, this document provides definitions relevant to civil unrest and helps clarify concepts of civilian targeting and terrorism.

Political Journalism in a Populist Age – Ten tips for covering populist movements.

First Draft offers journalists and citizens tools and trainings to build resilience against misleading information.

Electionline is a daily and weekly newsletter on election administration published by the Democracy Fund, and a source of potential topics and pitches that center election administrators.